The Future of Talent Acquisition Has Arrived

Ann Wyatt Recruiting has been successful in business since 2015 and has been delivering quality candidates with outstanding retention rates ever since. Our love for Talent Acquisition came from our background in Workforce Development, where our company founder, Ann Wyatt, began her career. After leaving the Commonwealth of Kentucky, Ann set out to bring her customized recruitment services to life by starting Ann Wyatt Recruitment, LLC. 

Our Strategic Focus

Ann Wyatt Recruiting’s number one focus has always been in “Providing Manufacturing Clients With the Candidates That They Need.” Our ability to accomplish this goal relies on customizing the Candidate and the Client experience in a way that blends our professional experience and our digital recruitment skills to source, target and qualify our presented Candidates on the behalf of our Clients.

Ann Wyatt Recruiting offers two separate search plans available for permanent placement search requests. Each of our search plan options are customized to professionally source, market, screen and present top Engineering and Technical Talent to our clients. We also include a full Replacement Plan and Repeated Partnership Discount within each plan to ensure long lasting retention rates and relationships with each of our partnering clients.

Ann Wyatt Recruiting’s Fully Automated Contracting services provide Companies with Talent Acquisition and Workforce Management, all in one. We combine our strategic Talent Acquisition solutions to source, market and qualify leading Technical Talent throughout the recruitment phase. We offer Workforce Management solutions with our Employer of Record services throughout the duration of your Company’s high priority projects. Our unique Employer of Record plans include full employee health benefits, optional employee dental and vision insurance and optional employee 401K Savings Plans. 

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Search Plan Options

Contracting Services

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Our Talent Focus

Ann Wyatt Recruiting specializes on providing Talent Acquisition solutions for the following Technical and Professional roles for our manufacturing clients:

Engineering Talent

  • Electrical Engineers 
  • Automations Engineers
  • Robotic Engineers  
  • Mechanical Engineers

Technical Talent

  • Supply Chain Professionals  
  • Operations Professionals          
  • Production Professionals

Leadership Talent

  • Engineering Management
  • Production Management
  • Operations Management
  • Supply Chain Management

Our Industrial Focus

Ann Wyatt Recruiting specializes in providing Talent Acquisition solutions to the following professional manufacturing industries:

Metals Manufacturing

Industrial Controls and Automation Manufacturing

Industrial Robotics Manufacturing

Industrial Machinery and Technology Manufacturing

Pulp/Paper Manufacturing

Automotive Manufacturing

Our Candidate Focus

Ann Wyatt Recruiting’s Candidate Hiring Process is unique because we remain committed to providing executive Candidate preparation, professional Candidate presentation and full Labor Market Information to each of our qualifying Candidates within our Company’s interviewing process. 

Ann Wyatt Recruiting also offers full Career Resources for our Technical Talent including digital resume submissions, access to our nationwide job board, our Candidate Resource Library, monthly Candidate Showcases and weekly job matching.