Strategic Talent Acquisition Solutions For Your Company

Ann Wyatt Recruiting provides a full range of Talent Acquisition solutions for attracting the Candidates that your growing organization requires. We assess your Company’s individual needs and strategically target and source the most qualified Candidates to fulfill our Client’s engineering and technical openings. 

Ann Wyatt Recruiting's Integrated Features

Full Suite Candidate Sourcing

An innovative blend of our own candidate sourcing techniques mixed with AI Powered Sourcing and software.

Customized Digital Marketing

Using video marketing software to digitally present your Company to our strategically sourced Candidates.

In depth Company Analysis

A fully interactive document that highlights your Company while building Candidate rapport, on your behalf.

Integrated Evaluations

A metrics-driven assessment of each presented Candidate’s skill sets integrated with a full rating system.

Video Interviews

Access Candidates with your internal Hiring Managers from anywhere. Interview templates are included in this newest digital recruitment trend.

Fully Automated On-Boarding

Professional vetting and qualifying of records within 7 years of each New Hire.

Ann Wyatt Recruiting Search Plan Options

Fully Automated Search Plan

Ann Wyatt Recruiting’s Fully Automated Search Plan provides a full range of motion for attracting the Candidates that your growing organization requires. We offer all of our Integrated Features to blend our personal expertise with our digital recruitment skills to provide Talent Acqusition that feels completely automated for your Company.

Beginning with our AI Powered Sourcing and ending with our Fully Automated On-Boarding, our approach is an all inclusive solution designed to attract and qualify leading Engineering Talent from start to finish. Complete with a full Replacement Plan, eligibility for our Repeated Partnership Discount and a New Hire gift, our Fully Automated Search Plan is designed for your Company’s most challenging searches.

Strategically Source and Market Qualified Candidates

Fully Engage Candidates

Elevate The Candidate Experience

Fully Programmable Search Plan

Ann Wyatt Recruiting’s Fully Programmable Search Plan is the perfect solution for Companies that are seeking an adaptive Talent Acquisition strategy to meet your growing workforce needs. We offer our base search plan model with any of our customizable Integrated Features as build-in options to strategically source and grow your talent pipeline. Complete with a full Replacement Plan and eligibility for our Repeated Partnership Discount, this search request is programmed to provide Talent Acquisition solutions that are fully customized to your Company’s individual needs.

Strategically Source and Grow Your Talent Pipeline

Screen and Qualify Top Leading Talent For Your Opportunities

Deliver Accurate and Efficient Talent Acquisition Services Based On Your Company Needs

Fully Automated Contracting Services

Ann Wyatt Recruiting’s Fully Automated Contracting services provide Companies with Talent Acquisition and Workforce Management, all in one. We combine our strategic Talent Acquisition solutions to source, market and qualify leading Technical Talent throughout the recruitment phase.

We offer Workforce Management solutions with our Employer of Record services throughout the duration of your Company’s high priority projects. Our unique Employer of Record plans include full employee health benefits, optional employee dental and vision insurance and optional employee 401K Savings Plans.  

Strategically Source, Market and Qualify Leading Technical Contractors

Manage Employment Records and Administrative Tasks

Maintain and Nurture Contractor and Client Relationships 

Fresh Talent Delivered On A Monthly Basis.

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Client Testimonial:

“We recently worked with Ann to fill an extremely hard to fill engineering position for our plant. As a company, we are extremely reluctant to use recruiting services; however, could not be more satisfied with our decision to work with Ann. She was not only a pleasure to work with, but she made the extra effort to learn our company and the type of people we employ, which allowed her to present us with remarkable candidates. The candidate that we hired, thanks to Ann, was of a caliber that exceeded our expectations in every way, both in technical and interpersonal skills.  We highly recommend her services to anyone looking to fill a position and will be reaching out to her in the future.”
Lee Ann Turner
Employee Relations Specialist