Talent Acquisition Automation Has Arrived

Ann Wyatt Recruiting provides Talent Acquisition services and strategies to provide our Manufacturing Clients with top Engineering talent. Our search plans feature proven solutions that are designed to elevate your Candidate experience and keep Candidates engaged.

Talent Acquisition Solutions

AI Powered Sourcing

Using cutting-edge technology, Ann Wyatt Recruiting combines our personal experience and the power of AI to find and screen passive candidates. Our dedicated research and social recruiting methods fused with advanced software, ensures that we find the right fit every time.AI Powered Sourcing

Elevated Candidate Experience

Ann Wyatt Recruiting elevates the candidate experience by generating an interactive Company Analysis to our potential candidates.  Introducing our partners to our Candidates in this fashion allows us to highlight your opportunities while also building Candidate rapport on your behalf.

Customized Digital Marketing

By producing customized marketing videos, Ann Wyatt Recruiting begins a tailored marketing campaign designed to engage prospective candidates. This video will then be used to strategically target candidates that match your identified skillset, ultimately enabling us to streamline your talent pipeline.

Integrated Evaluations

A multi-faceted tool, our Integrated Evaluations are based on three separate documents designed to assess, rate and score Candidates based on your individual Company needs and specifications. Our three part process includes:

  • Partner Evaluations
  • Candidate Evaluations
  • Consultant Evaluations

Video Interviews

Ann Wyatt Recruiting puts a face behind your potential candidate’s name with this Fully Automated Search Plan feature. Created to synthesize the interviewing process, video interviews revolutionize first impressions and reduce overall talent acquisition costs.

On-Boarding Services

All On-Boarding Services are performed based on Client Company specifications and needs, and can be adjusted, as needed. All records obtained within our background checks date back to at least 7 years.

Search Plans

Our Fully Automated Search Plan

An engaged search plan model including all of our featured Talent Acquisition Solutions. Designed to fully elevate your Candidate Experience and fully automate your Talent Acquisition process from cradle to grave. Our Fully Automated Search Plan includes:

  • AI Powered Sourcing
  • Featured Job Board Space
  • Our Elevated Candidate Experience
  • Customized Digital Marketing
  • Integrated Evaluations
  • Executive Candidate Presentation Packets
  • Video Interviews
  • Fully Automated On-Boarding

Our Fully Programmable Search Plan

A contingency search plan model that includes a base plan with the option of including any of our featured Talent Acquisition solutions. Designed to provide strategic support to an existing Talent Acquisition process, our Fully Programmable Search is fully customizable.

Fully Programmable Base Plan:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Featured Job Board Space
  • Upgraded Candidate Screening
  • Established Communication Checkpoints
  • Executive Candidate Presentation Packet

Our Fully Programmable Features:

  • Customized Digital Marketing
  • Integrated Screening
  • Video Interviews
  • Level 1 On-Boarding Package
  • Fully Automated On-Boarding Package


Client Testimonial:

“We recently worked with Ann to fill an extremely hard to fill engineering position for our plant. As a company, we are extremely reluctant to use recruiting services; however, could not be more satisfied with our decision to work with Ann. She was not only a pleasure to work with, but she made the extra effort to learn our company and the type of people we employ, which allowed her to present us with remarkable candidates. The candidate that we hired, thanks to Ann, was of a caliber that exceeded our expectations in every way, both in technical and interpersonal skills.  We highly recommend her services to anyone looking to fill a position and will be reaching out to her in the future.”
Lee Ann Turner, Employee Relations Specialist